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Welcome to Junglee!

We are a young, growing company with a vision: to create the ability to answer any question over any kind of data. The information to answer your question can be in a database or on a web site, or even spread across dozens of web sites. Wouldn't it be neat if you had a uniform way to ask sensible questions and get sensible answers? Now you can. With Junglee.

Junglee means "of the jungle," and we know what a jungle the Internet can be. Which is why we developed our patent-pending Virtual Database (VDB) technology that can be used to create PALs (Personalized Advisors and Locators) to guide you through the jungle.

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Take a few moments to consider some of the ways Junglee technology can work for you.

We welcome your comments and inquiries. Email us at info@junglee.com or write us at:

Junglee Corp.
1250 Oakmead Parkway, Suite 310
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 522-9494

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