Junglee & New Century Network Sign Deal to Create Web-based Supersites; National Network of Online Newspapers to Develop Editorial and Classified Applications

For Immediate Release
February 18, 1997

Sunnyvale, CA Junglee Corp.,a developer of `Virtual Database' (VDB) engines, tools and applications, and New Century Network (NCN), the first national network of local newspaper Web sites, today announced an agreement by which Junglee will design Web-based editorial and classified advertising products for NCN.

New Century Network is a consortium of nine of the world's top media companies which together represent over half of U.S. newspaper circulation. To keep pace with the rapidly advancing technologies and capabilities of the Internet, NCN was created to serve the Web's ever-expanding audience of information-hungry readers.

NCN is a national network that acts as a network "hub" that sells national advertising on behalf of its newspaper affiliates, helps guide readers to and from affiliated sites according to readers' interests, and provides syndicated content and technology tools that newspaper affiliates can use to vastly enrich their Web sites.

In keeping with these objectives, NCN will license the Junglee technology to enhance its editorial offerings to be made available in the May 1 launch of the national Gateway site. Additionally, NCN plans to create other applications using Junglee technology in the future, including key categories such as Automotive and Apartment Rentals.

Each of these sites will integrate data from disparate sources into a single unified virtual database. Users will be presented with simple Web-based applications that generate powerful Structured Query Language (SQL) queries to the data aggregated by the VDB engine. These applications, powered by Junglee's Personalized Adviser and Locators (PALs), then advise users and locate listings that best satisfy their requirements.

Users of a Junglee Apartment PAL, for example, can find any apartment in any city in the U.S. that they choose that fits personally defined criteria such as rent, size, security, amenities or proximity to schools.

The first commercial application of a Junglee PAL is The Washington Post's employment Web site, CareerPost (http://jobs.washingtonpost.com/search.html).

NCN will use Junglee's VDB technology to build a new Web-based "hub" that interacts with affiliate sites. Junglee PALs will reach out along Internet "spokes" to participating NCN affiliate and third- party sites to integrate disparate information into a single virtual database.

"NCN's charter is to build innovative publishing products and systems that help online newspaper affiliates secure and grow their market share in key revenue areas," stated Lee DeBoer, NCN Chief Executive Officer. "We believe strongly that Junglee technology has many applications for online newspapers and we will begin pioneering these efforts at the national level."

According to Rakesh Mathur, Junglee CEO, "Junglee's proprietary technology lets people quickly and easily find whatever information they want, no matter where on the Web it resides. The Supersites that we will develop with NCN will serve as powerful examples of how Junglee can help media companies create new sources of revenue as they move forward into the Information Age on the Internet."

NCN is owned by Advance Publications, Inc.; Cox Newspapers, Inc.; Gannett Co., Inc.; The Hearst Corp.; Knight-Ridder, Inc.; the New York Times Co.; Times-Mirror, Inc.; Tribune Co.; and The Washington Post Co.

Based in Sunnyvale, Junglee Corp. designs, develops and markets Virtual Database engines, tools, and Internet and Intranet applications. Founded in 1996, the privately held company has private and venture investments of $6 million.


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